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General Questions about Kerala - PSC Lab Assistant Exam 2018

1) Which of the following made Malabar under control of British rule a) Kundara Proclamation b) Malabar Rebellion c) Kulachal War d) Srirangapattanam Treaty Answer: Srirangapattanam Treaty 2) The famous place Mannady, where Veluthambi Dalava suicide is in which District Answer: Pathanamthitta 3) Who Started Yoga Kshema Sabha Answer: V T Bhattathirippad 4) Which is the famous agitation held during 1932 in Kerala Answer: Nivarthana Agitation 5) Kabani is tributory of which river Answer: Kaveri 6) The first anual meeting of SNDP 1905 held at Answer: Aruvippuram  7) The poem starting "Varuka Varuk Sahachare, Valiya Sahana Samaramayi..." was written by Answer: Amshi Narayana Pillai 8) Who is the Minister of Forest in Kerala Answer: K Raju 9) Keralite who become Chairman of UGC Answer: V N Rajasekhara Pilla 10) Who inaugurated the Paliyam Agitation in December 4th 1947 Answer: C Kesavan