Latest PSC Previous Questions - Important Questions for Secretariat Assistant Exam

1) Who started the Swadesabhimani Newspaper in 1905 January 1

Answer: Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

2) Which act confirms for the assured time period on services from Government departments

Answer: Service Right Act

3) Silent Valley National Park is Inaugurated by

Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

4) Asia's first Butterfly saffari park is in

Answer: Thenmala

5) Christu Mada Chedanam was written by

Answer: Chttambi Swamikal

6) The first Malayalam poet appeared in post stamps

Answer: Kumaranasan

7) The quarterly literary journal Vivekodayam was established in

Answer: 1904

8) Ananda Sutram was written by

Answer: Bhramananda Swamy Sivayogi

9) Ritty Lukose describes who as the Political father of Eazhavas

Answer: Dr. Palpu
10) Who is the present Chairman of Kerala Lalithakala Academy

Answer: Nemom Pushparaj


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