PSC Previous Questions and Answers - Kerala Facts

1) Diesel power project in Kerala

Answer: Brahmapuram

2) District with longest sea shore in Kerala

Answer: Kannur

3) Place with highest gold deposit in Kerala

Answer: Nilamboor

4) Who is known as Mayyazhi Gandhi

Answer: I K Kumaran Master

5) The Malayalam term Ohari taken from which language

Answer: Persian

6) First Census in India held in which place

Answer: Travancore

7) First Electricity Minister of Kerala

Answer: V R Krishna Iyyer

8) Who translated Horthus Malabaricus into Malayalam

Answer: K S Manilal

9) Malayalam film which got award from British film Institute

Answer: Elippathayam

10) Who is known as Golden ruler of modern Travancore

Answer: Swathi Thirunnal


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