Dream Journey from Munnar to Thekkady - Amazing Hill Stations in Kerala

The Greening Beauty  Hill Station : Munnar to Thekkady

Munnar is no ifs, and or buts the most visited guest objective in Kerala. Likewise, Thekkady is certainly not far behind. A better than average number of visitors to Munnar visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady. The entire course is of high scenes with mountains, inclines, tea houses and cardamom homes.

Dream Journey from Munnar to Thekkady

The partition among Munnar and Thekkady is around 85 to 90 km, dependent upon the course you pick. Do whatever it takes not to plan to drive at 80 km for every hour and reach there in an hour. The avenues are uncommonly restricted and broken in specific spots especially in the midst of rainstorm. There will be a lot of trucks, transports and automobiles coming the other route and in various spots, you may believe that it's difficult to give way for various vehicles.

The Time & Distance Needed from Munnar to Thekkady

The ordinary speed you can keep up is 25 km for consistently aside from on the off chance that you are a practiced driver in rough districts. Despite for a practiced cabbie, the typical time to from Munnar to Thekkady is around 3 hours. The boulevards are limited in various spots in this way, paying little mind to whether you drive rapidly, you will be not able overpower another vehicle before you!

If you are driving yourself, drive moderate and circumspectly. Give course for vehicles sounding behind you exactly when it is protected to do all things considered. Be extra wary in the midst of deluge and when there is fog. If the visibility is poor as a result of fog, stop the vehicle in a protected spot and hold up until the view is clear.

In the Munnar region, you will see a huge amount of magnificent inclines, tea houses, tea generation lines, cardamom homes, etc with some little falls everywhere. As you move a long way from Munnar, seeing tea areas will give way for unsettled areas, timber lands and pizzazz trails. You will see various withdraws along the course and moreover various home stays in the networks in travel. Most of the course are woods avenues and you can value the beautiful eminence to its best. You will see streams and little falls now and again. Make sure to stop at the view centers and take a huge amount of pictures to pass on the memories with you.

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